Our vineyard is located in Vista Flores, Dept of Tunuyan,  Uco Valle, Mendoza Province at an altitude of around 950 meters

Being located next to the Tunuyan river gives our property a particular micro climate that allows us to grow grapes of particularly high quality and allows us to use the traditional method of “flood” irrigation


In 2006 we planted a brand new vineyard of Malbec using the highest quality rootstock available

This consisted of 11ha of Malbec plants at 3700 plants per ha

In keeping with our philosophy, these 40,000 plants were all planted by hand




The following year we planted approx. 6.5 ha of Pinot Noir with 3700 plants per ha and again, we used the highest quality stock available all planted by hand



15 Hectares
Soil type
Alluvial Soils
Malbec, Pinot Noir


The soil quality varies even on our relatively small property but is generally low quality, with sand and a lot of stones. This is absolutely perfect for growing high quality grapes in (relatively) small quantities


The Tunuyan river flows past our property and functions as our source of irrigation water, channeling the snow melt from the peaks of the Andes on the not too distant horizon, to our vineyard.

Run off from the vineyard irrigates our fruit trees before seeping into the earth to collect in the underground reservoir that sits beneath the Uco Valle


Mendoza is known as the land of the Sun and it shines almost every day of the year guaranteeing a consistent grape crop each year with little variation in quality or sugar(alcohol) content


Once we have harvest our grapes by hand, they are taken to the winery where we produce our wines. We chose to work with one of the oldest wineries in Mendoza who produce their own high quality wines and have the experience, a great winemaker, capacity for us to grow and most importantly, they do not open to the public, as that would detract from the winemaking process but also increase the possibility of contamination getting into the winery

Viñedos Del Plata

The Location


Our vineyard is located on the outskirts of Vista Flores, Department of Tunuyan in the Valle De Uco, one of Mendoza’s premier wine regions. The vineyard is at 950 meters above sea level and has a microclimate that allows us to grow world class grapes which are sought after by some of the leading wineries in the region and which are also the only grapes we use in our Single Vineyard wines.